Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RT @yourlisbonguide Mary's Organic Brunch Lisboa Style

All items available @biomiosotis Lisbon: Socìete Organic Roquefort is an exclusive from Ângelo's shops. The Green tomate paste is also available @briobiologico but the price is the same. So are the Nairn's Scottish oat cakes: I dare say Miosótis price is higher than Brio's or Biocoop in Lisboa. But that's for them to work it out!

Compras bio na Miosótis, Brio e Biocoop. Pequeno almoço almoçado? O Roquefort da Socìete é mesmo exclusivo das lojas Biomiosótis do Ângelo e Manuela, em Lisboa, perto da Gulbenkian e da Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Your-Lisbon-Guide: MyOrganic Bica

Your-Lisbon-Guide: Click here for MyOrganic Bica post

Fairtrade is also guaranteed by Max Havelaar for the "Café Michel" fine brand. Helps the people in Guatemala! Biocoop seems to be the only supplier for this coffee but...
The Destination selections from the Centre de Caféologie, namely La Route des Mayas is also certified and guaranteed by Max Havelaar as a coffee grown by fairtrade standards. Not so with the Saint Dominique gourmet flavour. Get it @miosótis More info Click here