Friday, August 7, 2009

Bio_Miosótis Lisboa (Gulbenkian) NEW Organic BUTCHER-SHOP Opened 7th August 2009

Bio Lisboa
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The Richard Branson of BIO/ORGANIC Ângelo and his wife Manuela's have freshly opened a New Organic Supermarket called "Miosótis", in Rua Marquês de Sá da Bandeira, nº 16-A, next to the "Quartel" (Army barracks) very close to the Gulbenkian Gardens, which is opposite to the General-Quartel.

The "New" feature is the Butcher stall open only on Fridays and Saturdays in the month of August, as a lot of people are on holiday! BRAVO!!!! No toxics in this meat: Black Pork, goat, lamb and veal are the stars on the menu.

Nice to see a "family" business dedicated to all things organic (biologique), ecologic, sustainable and fairtrade. All their children were together at the opening two days ago, which gave it a nice friendly feel to this local large comercial city shop as opposed to the large supermarket malls stuffed with junk food we usually get. But don't worry if Virgin can do it, Ângelo has the know-how to open a Virgin (oops) MegaBio one day. He just needs the colateral that Sir Richard could provide. Come on Rich! Angelo and Manuela can open shops from Lisbon to Quebec, after all they started the first BIOCOOP in Lisbon affiliated to the French chain of Biocoops more than 16 years ago.

When in Lisbon don't forget to visit it and have a snack at the bar full of organic goodies! Bio is Logic; Organic is a way of life!



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